The Glimmer Room

The Glimmer Room

Ever since I was a child I have had a urge to explore what has gone before and I also longed to escape the town for the peace of the countryside. These feelings started to influence decisions in my life from the age of 16 after a series of events around that time some good, some not so. I have followed these influences often against my own better judgement and actively sort out places and environments that will bring these feelings and atmospheres to pass over me.

Maybe it’s because I have never quite found my place in the modern world that I gravitated to the country, things are less intense here on the whole and there and its easy to find a connection to the past, which is of a great comfort to me.

For a very long time I could not find a apt description for these explorations until I discovered Peter Blake and the Ruralist art movement especially The Brotherhood of Ruralists. They seemed to be exploring the same feelings I was exploring  with music but with painting and art. So I adopted Ruralism as a way to start at least describing what I am trying to do.

This exploration has shaped my work as The Glimmer Room from the very start.

The Glimmer Room has been my main project since 1997. I have released many albums and EP’s in that time establishing myself globally in the Ambient music field. I have also undertaken re-mix work for a diverse range of artists including film composers and Mute Records.