● Ru-ral-ist (none)
● 1. One who resides in a rural area
● 2. An advocate of rural life


Over the past few years I have become aware that my music especially had a theme running through it, but always found it difficult to put into words. Then by chance, I stumbled on a group of artists who called themselves “The Brotherhood of Ruralists”. One quote, a mission statement by the artist Peter Blake summed up exactly what I was trying to do but with sound instead of paint.

“Simply, our aims are the continuation of a certain kind of English painting; we admire Samuel Palmer, Stanley Spencer, Thomas Hardy, Elgar, cricket, English Landscape, the Pre-Raphaelites, etc… Our aims are to paint about love, beauty, joy, sentiment and magic. We still believe in painting with oil paint on canvas, putting the picture in the frame and hopefully, that someone will like it, buy it and hang it on their wall to enjoy it.”
Peter Blake 1977

Since then I have also been made aware of the writings of Richard Jefferies especially his beautiful written and now republished autobiography ‘The Story of My Heart’ which also seems to capture exactly the feelings I have and and aim to convey to the listener.
I have always enjoyed finding connections with the past, I like feeling close to it for some as yet unexplained reason. Having grown up in a town that now has long since been swallowed up by East London and as a child I longed to live in a more rural place, like the small country cottages depicted in the black and white films that used to be shown every Sunday Afternoon. I am now getting closer to that dream.

It’s all about a feeling.
Becoming connected to the true heart and history of a place.
Cooking on an open fire.
Sleeping in the open air.
The sun warming your bones for the first time this year.
Long lazy day’s and warm evenings.
Celebrating the small things.
Family and friends.
Candle light and log fires.
The smell of spring, glow of summer, chill of autumn and the sleep of winter.
Do you get it too?